I’m sure many of you, like me, often ignore the IP blacklist and whitelist fields when managing your ad campaigns. It often takes a backseat to the more important optimisation settings like sources, publishers and creatives. However, you’d be surprised at just how much of a difference keeping an updated IP blacklist can make for the performance of your campaigns.

Take one of my recent campaigns for example. I had neglected to even look at the IP section of the campaign on my tracker as the campaign was performing relatively well with the standard approach of blacklisting bad sources. I noticed that my unique visits were a hell of a lot lower than the total visits. Puzzled by this, due to the fact I had strict frequency capping set, I decided to drill-down into the IP list and to my surprise I saw hundreds of visits from the same IP addresses over the past few days alone!

In this particular campaign, my clicks weren’t cheap – so to have this many clicks coming from the same IPs over and over was making a bit dent in my ROI. Keep in mind, this screenshot is showing individual IP addresses, not IP ranges.

So a quick tip – never neglect to keep your IP blacklist updated on all your campaigns, even if you have frequency caps setup. It can make a bigger difference than you’d think!

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