Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes and your Facebook Ads account getting banned for no good reason. Luckily I’ve found a great supplier of high-quality FB Ads accounts with Business Manager ready to go. is the platform. It also offers Google Ads and Twitter Ads accounts as well.

Registration and Deposits

Its super-easy to purchase new accounts from in a huge selection of GEOs. The accounts range in price from $100-$300. Most T1 GEOs are $200-$300. If you register through my link and deposit $600+, you’ll get a huge bonus of 33% ($200 bonus for $600). If you have any issues with registration, send me an email:

Payment Methods

Once you have some money in your balance, go ahead and click the big “Request Account” button in the top-right of the dashboard. You’ll see the modal pop-up and from there you can choose to request an FB, Google or Twitter Ad account and select a GEO. For Facebook I definitely suggest enabling the “Create a Fan-Page” option so the page will be ready for you as soon as the account is provisioned.

Account Purchase Page

Accessing your Accounts

One feature I love about is their web-based RDP connection which is built directly into the platform. Very handy for managing your Ads on-the-go. Alternatively you can just download the RDP file and connect with the regular Remote Desktop Connection application on your PC. The use of RDP is also secure and helps ensure longevity of your accounts as it uses a VPN/server located in the same GEO as your purchased account. Web-RDP Featue

Detailed Warm-up guide

Another great resource offered by is their in-depth user guide. Its split into 5 sections; the introduction followed by Day 1-4. The Day 1-4 pages detail the exact steps to follow in order to successfully warm-up your FB account. Once your accounts is sufficiently “warm” then you’re ready to launch your actual ad campaigns. Keep in mind that the complete warm-up guide can only be read after purchasing at least 1 account. One thing that the platform is missing is guides for warming up Google and Twitter Accounts – there is currently only the FB warm-up guide. If you need help at any stage of the process, reach out to your account manager on Skype or alternatively reach out to me: FB User Guide

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