We are living in an age where everything is at your fingertips. Instant gratification is becoming the norm. Girls make an Instagram post and if it doesn’t get 100 likes in 5 minutes they delete it because “oh, it mustn’t be good enough”. We are losing the key element of patience. Our attention spans are shrinking on a daily basis. Blame it on social media, blame it on traditional media transitioning to shorter-form content, hell; blame it on flashy, attention-grabbing advertisements we’re all guilty of running. How does this relate to being profitable and successful in Affiliate Marketing? It’s very relevant as you’ll see.

Let’s face it. 100% of you are in this industry to make some money. You may have Googled “make money online” and saw the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’ show up a million times. That’s why you’re here. The truth is, 95% of people who try their hand at Affiliate Marketing will give up very soon after starting. It’s not because it sucks or it’s dead or anything else you read out there. It’s because people are simply less willing to commit – and I mean fully commit – to an endeavour that takes time to see progress. We all want that instant gratification, that’s just the world we live in today. In a world where the majority of people have this mindset, what does it take to rise above the masses and make something of yourself? What does it take to succeed? The 1% are the 1% for a reason. Not many people are prepared to give something their all, especially in today’s turbulent, fast-moving, ever-changing landscape. There’s always some shiny new object that grabs your attention and diverts it away from whatever you were previously doing.

Even within the sphere of Affiliate Marketing this same concept rings true. There’s always new ad-formats, verticals, offers, traffic sources and so on. You’ll always hear about an acquaintance who made $250k revenue last month doing SMS traffic but you’re doing Push traffic but then you decide to transition over to SMS traffic because your friend did $250k revenue last month solely through SMS. If you keep jumping around and changing your game plan, nothing will ever stick. That being said, don’t stay complacent. There’s a difference between mastering a certain aspect of Affiliate Marketing and becoming ‘stuck’ or complacent in a dying niche, traffic format or angle. If you set out to learn Native traffic, stick with it. Don’t start with pop traffic and do that for a month then switch to push because you heard people do huge numbers there and then shortly after switch to social because ‘omg bro you gotta do FB Ads – the potential is unmatched’. Stick with what you put your mind to and I guarantee you’ll be better off because of it. If you master Push traffic for example, it will be 100x easier to branch out into Native traffic after you know all the ins and outs of Push traffic because there is always similar techniques and tactics which carry over from format to format. However if you are forever completely shifting focus before mastering any single area then you are setting yourself up for failure.

You’ve probably heard it a million times but the vast majority of people I see that start their paid-traffic Affiliate Marketing journey quit because they’ve tried 2 or 3 campaigns and lost the majority of their ad-spend. I always give the advice to think of your ad-spend as spending money on data, not that it’s money flushed down the toilet. Data is king in paid traffic and if you spend money only to find out an offer is shit then that data is still valuable. Within that data-set you’ll still be able to identify placements that are getting high-CTRs and if you do a deeper dive you can identify which placements are sending bot traffic so you know what to blacklist for next time.

Personally it took me many months and a dipping deep into negative ROI territory before I started seeing consistently profitable campaigns. After spending $3k on losing campaigns I finally saw my first profitable campaign. After that it took a while but I gradually started getting more consistently profitable campaigns.

In this day and age, patience is not just a virtue but it’s a necessity if you want to see success in not just Affiliate Marketing but practically any pursuit or endeavour.

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