Do you want to create unlimited sleek, professional and 100% free logos for your landing pages and creatives? If you’re still spending time and effort trying to make your own logos in Photoshop, GIMP or…. Paint, try this out next time. Not many marketers know about Namecheap’s free logo maker so I thought I’d share how to use it as I only discovered this feature recently myself.

  • First step is to sign up to Namecheap. You don’t have to buy anything to use the Logo Creator but you’ll need an account to save and download your logos.
  • After signing in, navigate to the Apps –> Logo page:
  • Enter the main logo text in the first box and optionally your niche in the bottom box:
  • Namecheap will generate some icons that it thinks may be relevant to your niche/business. I prefer just entering my own keywords, however you can change the icon later on any designs you like.
  • After this, Namecheap will automatically generate an infinite number of designs. The more you scroll, the more logos will be generated.
  • I suggest clicking the little heart on all the logos you like the look of, you can edit all aspects of these at the next stage.
  • You can now click on any of the logos you’ve saved and edit colours, icons, layout, font, etc.
  • Finally just click the Download button and you’ll be provided with a ZIP file containing all the relevant files. You’ll even be provided with SVG vectors of your logo. Easy as that. You can come back to your Namecheap account anytime to make edits to your saved logos and redownload them.

Check-out the finished product:

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