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About Me

My name is Jonte and I’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing off and on since 2012 but only became serious about paid traffic in mid 2017.

I’ve always had a passion for programming, making money on the internet and keeping up with the latest technology. I’ve been making money on the internet since I was 14 years old when I started creating websites and software - many relating to, and utilizing, Bitcoin. Once I got my first taste of success at a young age, I realised pretty quickly that the internet was potentially a gold-mine if you know what to do and work hard.

I have definitely had a lot of good luck along the way such as Bitcoin taking off beyond anyone's expectations. However, with Affiliate Marketing I was determined to make it work to achieve consistently profitable results. 

Get the Landing Pages that generated me $300k in revenue last year!

These are the exact landers I used in some of my most profitable campaigns. Including a number of pages I created from scratch.